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Bernard’s Call Sheet for the Lost Season

Normally, Bernard Davies issues a weekly schedule on Thursday for the following week. It is distributed to all performers, technicians, administrative staff. Bernard is the king of the castle of schedules. 

We’re going to keep you up to date with what would have been happening were we not locked down and eating more home-cooked meals than ever before.

Thursday 16 April would be Bernard’s first of thirteen schedules for the (sadly) Lost Season of 2020.


Week 1 w/c Apr 20


83 people attend rehearsals

Main Hall Head of Music Philip White masterminds chorus music preparation for La Gioconda, La Bohème

The Gym Meet Me in St Louis production team (director, designer etc.) and the entire cast are shown the model of the set. They start work on Act I (music and production). Bernard stipulates “FULL CAST required”. Don’t mess with him.

In another room Grange Park Opera Company Office is set up. BD updates the contact list for the entire Company

Two Wardrobe rooms are setting up with sewing machines, cutting tables. Cast measurements are taken ready 


10 crew have arrived and settled into Bunker Bin City. The King of the Crew is Dec Costello (Head of Stage) who has been with the company since 2003 (17 years). 

In their first week the crew will

  • clear and tidy stage
  • hang black borders
  • sort the rigging
  • sort scenery in the wings
  • commence small elements of set construction not done by Set Builders. Savings are made by doing this finishing “in house”

Key to this is the supervision by Dec Costello.