Schumann Liederkreis Op24

Roderick Williams & Iain Burnside

THU 18 JUNE 2020

Found Season

After a long and acrimonious legal battle with his teacher Friedrich Wieck, Robert Schumann (1810-1856) married Wieck’s daughter Clara in 1840. It was a day before her 21st birthday. 

Liederkreis, Op. 24, composed in 1840 to poems by Heinrich Heine, was a gift to Clara imbued with his love for her. It is full of secret messages and ciphers.




I. Morgens steh’ ich auf und frage (daily hope for his beloved to come to him, and his nightly disappointment when she does not)

II. Es treibt mich hin (the keen anticipation of seeing his beloved; the hours go slowly)

III. Ich wandelte unter den Bäumen (grieving, he wanders in the woods and finds that the birds already know the word that brings back his sorrow: they heard it from a pretty young woman)

IV. Lieb’ Liebchen (his own heartbeat is like a carpenter making a coffin)

V. Schöne Wiege meiner Leiden (he laments he ever met his beloved and bids farewell to the town)

VI. Warte, warte, wilder Schiffmann (he tells a boatman that he will come to the harbor to leave both Europe and his beloved)

VII. Berg und Burgen schaun herunter (In a boat on the Rhine, which is both beautiful and doom-laden –like his beloved)

VIII. Anfangs wollt’ ich fast verzagen (He can bear his sorrow but does not want to be asked how)

IX. Mit Myrten und Rosen (His songs are cold and dead but he hopes that one day a spirit of love will rejuvenate them and that his beloved will find them)