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Finzi: Before & After Summer

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

SAT 6 JUNE 2020

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Gerald Finzi (1901–1956)

It was the death of Finzi’s music teacher Ernest Farrar at the Western Front – combined with the loss of three brothers – that shaped Finzi’s bleak outlook on life. He found solace in poetry with a recurrent motif of the innocence of childhood corrupted by adult experience.

These Thomas Hardy settings date between 1932 and 1949.

1.  Childhood Among the Ferns

2. Before and After Summer

3. The Self-Unseeing

4. Overlooking the River

5. Channel Firing

6. In the Mind’s Eye

7. The Too Short Time

8. Epeisodia

9. Amabel

10. He Abjures Love