Pimlico Opera Trustee

Pimlico Opera is a sister company to Grange Park Opera and was founded by Wasfi Kani CBE in 1987 aiming to use music and drama to advance personal development, particularly with younger people. Artistic excellence is an essential part of achieving this aim.


The company has been working in prisons since 1987 and has since taken more than 60,000 members of the public into prison; worked with more than 1,000 prisoners and enabled over 10,000 prisoners to see a show. A cast, mainly of inmates, are taken from their prison regime and work full-time with professionals to create a show of the highest quality.

Primary Robins

In September 2013 the charity expanded its work in prisons to schools through the creation of the Primary Robins programme. The project enriches the lives and expands the outlook of school children who have little exposure to music. Forty years ago, every primary school would have had children sitting around a piano learning songs.

Operation Primary Robins is startling in its simplicity and effectiveness. The Robins sit around the piano together and learn traditional songs every week. Every term the Robins have a new specially prepared Song Book of around ten traditional songs, one of which is in a foreign language. The Song Book includes musical notation. It is not intended to teach the children to read music, but some see the pattern of how they sing and what the dots do.

Impact The project began with 380 Robins in Hampshire. Today there are 2,000 Robins across 20 schools. This equates to an impressive 40,000 hours of teaching per academic year. All of the schools have Key Stage 2 level 4 results below the national average, with higher than average numbers of children receiving free school meals. Primary Robins are disadvantaged children within disadvantaged communities. Last summer two Primary Robins appeared in the Grange Park Opera production of Porgy & Bess.


Pimlico Opera is searching for an additional trustee to join the board of trustees who has a particular interest in music in primary schools with a passion for digital learning. Historically all of the Primary Robins work in schools has been done with a physical presence but the charity wishes to explore how a digital platform may provide more leverage and wider access across a broader number of schools or geographies.

Current Board/Skills Required

The Board is currently well established board and has been in place for a number of years but wishes to expand its skill set to enhance the work that it does through the Primary Robins scheme in particular. We would welcome an additional trustee who has some of the skills outlined below and are keen to appoint the trustee shortly in order to take advantage of the current dislocation from COVID-19 to drive change and ensure that this important work reaches the largest number of children.

The skills that the trustees are looking for are as follows:
• Knowledge and passion for early learning education in primary schools
• Interest in the importance of the arts in schools and their contribution to creativity and
intellectual development in other disciplines
• An understanding or passion for digital learning and how to leverage digital platforms across
multiple locations
• The ability to develop links across the UK in the education sector and music education


Please send a copy of your CV with a covering note indicating why you feel that you have the skill set for this role and your passion for the charity. The initial appointment of a charity
trustee is for 3 years and we have three meetings per annum which are typically in London but can use digital access for remote meetings.

Please send application to John Derrick – Chairman on
Deadline 26 June

The trustees will seek to consider all applications and organise a video call with shortlisted candidates to discuss further.

Job description