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Primary Robins

Primary Robins

Every week of the school year, Pimlico Opera gives primary school children a half-hour singing class.

The project began with 380 Robins in Hampshire. Today there are 4,000 Robins spread over Durham, Newcastle, Manchester, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.


The Primary Robins project continues to thrive thanks to the generosity of individuals and trusts.

We receive no public funding and are reliant upon donations.

A full year of singing lessons costs £40 per child. They participate at no cost to the school or their parents.


Primary Robin Belinda Coles had a role in our 2019 production of Porgy & Bess

Primary Robins


Primary Robins was founded in September 2013. The project enriches the the lives and expands the outlook of school children who have little exposure to music.

Forty years ago, every primary school would have had children sitting around a piano learning songs. This essential part of growing up has been a casualty of today’s curriculum.



How it works

The project is startling in its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Robins sit around the piano together and learn traditional songs every week.

Every term the Robins have a new specially prepared Song Book of around ten traditional songs, one of which is in a foreign language.

The Song Books include musical notation. It is not intended to teach the children to read music, but some see the pattern of how they sing and what the dots do.



The project began with 380 Robins in Hampshire. Today there are 4,000 Robins.

All of the schools have Key Stage 2 level 4 results below the national average, with higher than average numbers of children receiving free school meals.

Primary Robins are disadvantaged children within disadvantaged communities.

Last summer two Primary Robins appeared in the production of Porgy & Bess.

Read the end of term report from the Primary Robins Project Leader: