Etruscan Fund

The Etruscan Fund

Each year this fund raises money to improve aspects of your visit – backstage, onstage and outside.


Your donations will also help ensure that we continue to create quality opera.


Current projects include . . .


Backstage improvements

When we built the opera house between 2016 and 2017 we had to work to a very tight budget; we are very grateful to the Pioneers and Circle of Virtuous Enterprise who contributed more than £11m.

Now we want to make a few improvements to the technical facilities, including backstage communications.


Bigger & better productions

The Etruscan Fund is used to help support productions that have more demanding requirements in terms of singers, sets, dancers and so on.

Bigger & Better Productions
Pillars of Society

Pillars of  Society

Around the theatre the new colonnade comprises fourteen 3m larch tree trunks and provides a “passeggiata” (the Italian for leisurely stroll) for the audience to foregather and linger.

It is £30k to take a pillar – but hurry, only two and a half remain.

For more information on the Etruscan Fund contact Jack Rush: / 01962 73 73 69