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Bernard Davies

Bernard’s Call Sheet for the Lost Season: Week 13

Bernard Davies issues a weekly schedule on Thursday for the following week. 

We’re keeping you up to date with what SHOULD have been happening. 

Week 13 w/c July 13


The Life & Death of Alexander Litvinenko Big days on Monday and Tuesday as the orchestra arrives for 15 hours of rehearsals, culminating in a full stage run on Wednesday. Quickly following are 2 performances of our first World Première.

Ballet in the Woods We welcome to the theatre dancers from the Royal Ballet.  The stage has been transformed from Litvinenko to an empty stage complete with a dance call ready for the point shoes to do their thing.


As this week is only Litvinenko the crew and LX team do not have any change overs to worry about.  What they have to do now is remove Bohème, Meet Me and Gioconda from the theatre during the days they are not working on Litvinenko. After the last performance the entire crew and LX team begin to dismantle the Litvinenko set along with putting the theatre to bed for another year.

On a personal note this has been the best season ever – it is the first time in my 31 years of looking after shows where there has not been one single episode of technical problems or illness of any kind.  I miss that too so bring on 2021.