Bernard Davies

Bernard’s Call Sheet for the Lost Season : Week 4

Bernard Davies issues a weekly schedule on Thursday for the following week. 

We’re keeping you up to date with what SHOULD have been happening. 


Week 4 w/c May 11


New arrivals! The La Bohème cast arrive for music rehearsals with Maestro Barlow & Co. As well as full cast ensemble rehearsals, there are music/language calls for individuals. One person might need more work on their Italian than another.

Main Hall Dancers from the Rambert Ballet School have been rehearsing the Dance of the Hours at their studios. This week they join the rest of the La Gioconda company and it is the first time the Company see choreographer Sarah Fahie’s work. Mr Calleja joins the Company – having just finished at The Met. His scenes are already blocked so he is speedily put into them. Runs of each rehearsed acts will be done along with continuing work on acts III and IV. Mr Marciano has his first sessions with the ENO Orchestra. It is not long before everything has to be finalised as the final studio run is fast approaching.

Lower Hall The chorus continue to master the Litvinenko music. The room is also used for Meet Me in St Louis dance/production rehearsals.

The Gym With the all important final studio run just over a week away, rehearsals have intensified. The Company are working on act II along with recaps on all act I scenes. In the evenings the gym is used for the youth club’s Indoor Hockey. 

The Wardrobe department is at fever pitch as it will not be too long before they relocate to the Theatre in Surrey. Final costume fittings for the cast to be completed; alterations need to be finalised; boxes, parcels and out sourced costume makers continue to arrive at Alford House. Darren and Pav, Wig Supervisors, arrive to sort out facial hair and wigs. They will “dress” this hair and deliver to the theatre for the main stage rehearsals.


With the La Gioconda set fully constructed, John Bishop, LX Designer, begins to light the production. Francis O’Connor, Designer, checks the set with the Production Manager for any issues. Amy Jeskins, Wardrobe Supervisor,  left the team at Alford House and decamps to the Theatre and is joined by her deputy. They begin the enormous task of setting up the theatre work room, dressing rooms and sorting out the wardrobe areas. Soon to arrive are the Meet Me in St Louis Company. During the weekend Bernard Davies, Helen Sennett, Holly Gilmour and Natasha Sennett begin the enormous task of cleaning the backstage area, organising the orchestra pit, setting up both Green Rooms (artistes rest areas). 

 It is all beginning to take shape!