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Primary Robins update

Primary Robins Update

Last week I visited Winnall School and the year 4 class began with a warm up about one of Britain’s favourite dishes – Curry!

Yellow Submarine is always a favourite and it is sung with lots of energy, clapping and the playing of air guitars.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music is in most of the songbooks and My Favourite Things is a brilliant song to get the children thinking about mood, dynamics, rhythm and pitch. When 30 seven year olds sing “when the dog bites” you really know about it.

In one class a little boy was sitting in the corner and not really singing. That is, until he heard The Muffin Man when he jumped up and proudly said, “This is my favourite!” and proceeded to sing it with gusto.

The traditional songs often prove to be a real hit with the children and Danny Boy is no exception. They all stand straight, breathe correctly and sing quietly and so sweetly that it brings a tear to my eye.

Some of the older classes are learning The Rhythm of Life – this powerful song is so uplifting and the children have really mastered the quite complicated two part harmony, gaining in confidence all the time.

Consider Yourself from Oliver! is such a joyous song – the children love it and there are audible cries of “Yes!” when they are asked to find it in the book. Everyone joins in, smiling and singing their hearts out.

Many of the teachers tell me how important the sessions are and how singing really helps with reading, spelling and speech development. Just as important, however, is the joy that music and singing can bring. To see the whole class singing together, smiling and having fun is truly, to quote Rodgers & Hammerstein, one of ‘my favourite things’.

You can hear the Robins singing “Consider Yourself” below:


Annabel Larard – Project Leader