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Primary Robins return to school

This week 2083 robins will warm up with tongue twisters like “Chester cheater chose a chunk of cheaper cheddar cheese” before being given their new songbook for the term.

One class teacher explains why Primary Robins is so important:

‘The rewards for the children from participating in their weekly singing sessions is clear to see. The room becomes alive with excitement and joy as the children sing, and often dance, forgetting all else for half an hour. It brings with it huge benefits; fostering a sense of belonging, togetherness and encouraging social engagement and cultural capital through the varied and often historical song choice. It is genuinely one of the children’s highlights of their week.

In July one hundred Robins will perform at Theatre Royal Winchester, another hundred at the Theatre in the Woods .

Primary Robins relies wholly on the generosity of individuals. A full year of singing lessons costs £40 per child.