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Grange Park Opera Garden

Emergencies in the theatrical woods

Suddenly it is the end of March and everything seems an emergency. 150 sweet peas have been planted (+ frame repaired). Martin Smith relocated his lurid blue double-height portakabin so that work can start to solidify the “Yard” (the area around the Scenery Dock).

The colonnade is marching around the theatre (14 larch columns, stone bases and joists in place). Next we continue with the ornate wooden finishes, and dig big holes for the climbing roses by each column. Then we start on the forecourt solidification including seven stone thresholds to the theatre, inscribed with Stanza 5 of Keats’ Ode to a Nightingale.

All this is possible because of your generosity – especially your gifts to the £200,000 Winter Matched Funding which was within £400 of the target. Bravi tutti!