Tales from the Theatrical Woods: Chapter 22

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24 February 2018

Finally, the roof is being installed on the lavatorium.  The radial laminated timber beams are place, joists inserted and decking being laid.  The roof should have been there a couple of weeks ago, but the weather has not been kind.  Instead of the turf reported in the last Tales we are contemplating what must be the first purpose designed moss roof in the UK.  This will better suit its shady location.  The expertise, so far, is coming from New England, but if anyone more local has experience of encouraging rather an eradicating moss please get in touch.

The cycles of rain, mud and frost that we have been subjected to over the last months means there is much to do in increasingly less time.  The brickwork is now half way up the auditorium and will shortly reach the fanfare balcony from where audiences will be summoned to performances and the manor house and gardens may be viewed over the orchard wall.

Lavatorium Rotundum

Internally work progresses apace.  The back wall of Cowan Vestibule running around the rear of the tiers is about to receive its finishing coat of plaster; light bulb experimentation is taking place on the balcony fronts, the walls and floors of the dressing rooms and pit are nearly complete; and staircases are being lined out in readiness to receive display cases (more anon) and lighting.  Shortly the stage will be cleared for sets for the next season – eek! already…?

In quite another place, behind the Bank of England, in the fabulous Baroque setting of the Drapers Hall Claire Rutter sings, Harry the Piano plays, Joanna Lumley reprises her Bafta Award hosting and Wasfi busks on a borrowed, slightly out of tune, violin to wring a few more pennies towards the lavatorium.

Oh, and Guildford Borough Council recognised the merits of our forecourt design and granted us planning consent.  Phew.

David Lloyd Jones