Lavatorium Rotundum

Tales from the Theatrical Woods: Chapter 21

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26 January 2018

Lavatorial puns and illusions have occupied our minds in the long, dark winter evenings.  Mainly to engage the attention of those out there who understand the importance of this functional aspect of the project and have a penny to spare – enough!

Despite the frustrations and delays of the winter weather the lavatorium rotundum is taking shape with walls now nearly full height.  The installation of the roof will follow.  It will be planted, not with a namby pamby sedum simulacrum, but with proper country sods which will host proper countryside plants comprising a tiny conical meadow set atop the precipitous brick drum.  Bees will buzz, butterflies flutter, and birds twitter.  It will be a veritable honeypot for Home Pittles wild life.


Meanwhile we are back wading through the mud, but, perched on the façade of the auditorium, the brickies have reached the challenging bricky diamonds which interlace the façade.  Vertically aligned Siberian larch planks will shortly be placed on the backside of the theatre.  Inside, the backstage areas are being completed with floor and wall finishes, architectural trim and inboard washing and toilet facilities.  Guildford Borough Council is pondering the merits of our latest forecourt landscape proposal – although Christina and Wasfi have not felt constrained by their deliberations – which when realised in its full glory will pitch the denizens of the Home Pittles into gales of ecstasy and opera goers into blissful rhapsody.

David Lloyd Jones