Bronzefield Prison

Our sister company, Pimlico Opera, returns to Bronzefield prison, Surrey for the 2020 production of Hairspray.

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Tracy Turnblad: Chlöe Hart
Edna Turnblad: Christopher Howell
Wilbur Turnblad: Darren Bennett
Corny Collins: Sam Murphy
Seaweed Stubbs: André Fabien Francis
Link Larkin: Michael Hamway
Freddie Whittle
Ethan Davis
Freddie King
Michael Larcombe


Director: Nikki Woollaston
Set designer: Alex Doidge-Green
Costume designer: Bec Palmer



It’s 1962 in Baltimore and Tracy Turnblad has one dream: to dance on The Corny Collins ShowHer new dance moves secure her dream role and she becomes a star overnight. Despite the scrutiny and bullying, Tracy uses her newfound fame to advocate racial integration.

  • Act 1

    It’s 7 a.m on a Monday morning in 1962 Baltimore. Tracy Turnblad, a pleasantly plump teenager, reflects on how much she loves her city and how much she loves to dance. She dreams of being a star.

    Later that day, Tracy and her friend, Penny, rush home from high school to catch the latest episode of “The Corny Collins Show,” a teenage dance TV show.

    The action shifts to the TV studio where the “The Corny Collins Show” broadcast has just gone to commercial break. Hunky teen idol, Link, offers his Council Member ring to vapid teen queen dancer, Amber, whose overbearing mother, Velma, is the show’s producer.

    After the break Corny Collins announces an upcoming live, primetime special, where talent scouts will be on-hand and an election to crown Miss Teenage Hairspray will be held. Corny further announces that they’re auditioning a new female dancer for the show.

    Tracy pleads with her mother to let her audition. Edna fears that Tracy will be ridiculed at the auditions, but her father Wilbur encourages her. Meanwhile, Penny’s mother Prudy berates her for listening to “race music” as Velma criticizes Amber on her poor dancing. All three girls argue with their mothers.

    Tracy ultimately does attend the auditions. Velma rejects her due to her weight and because Tracy states that she’s in favour of racial integration. Soon afterwards, Corny Collins is the guest DJ at the school’s sophomore hop. Corny and Link are immediately impressed by Tracy’s dance moves.

    The next episode of “The Corny Collins Show” features a new cast member – Tracy.

  • Act 2

    Tracy’s popularity is skyrocketing at school whilst Amber spreads mean-spirited rumors about her.

    Tracy introduces Link to Seaweed and Penny. Seaweed invites them all to a party at his mom’s record shop. When Link expresses concern that white people may not be welcome in Seaweed’s neighborhood, Seaweed reassures him.

    At Motormouth Maybelle’s record shop Seaweed introduces the girls to his sister, Little Inez, a dancer who was rejected at the Corny Collins auditions for being black. Motormouth Maybelle makes a grand entrance.

    Amber, having followed them to the record shop, enters and is horrified at the proceedings. Velma, having followed Amber, enters and is similarly horrified. Velma and Amber storm out. Tracey hatches a plan to integrate dancing on the TV show which Motormouth Maybelle is enthusiastic about.

    Tracy, Link and the others hold a protest at the studio, demanding racial integration on the show, which is disrupted by the police, called by Velma. Everyone is arrested.

  • Act 3

    The entire female cast, apart from Prudy are in jail. Due to Velma’s political connections, Velma and Amber are soon released. Wilbur secures bail for the rest by mortgaging his store. Due to Velma’s manipulations, Tracy remains incarcerated alone.

    Link helps Tracy escape from jail and they declare their love for each other. Penny and Seaweed declare their love too. Tracy and Link, Penny and Seaweed take refuge at Motormouth Maybelle’s Record Shop. Tracy’s escape is being broadcast on TV. The friends are tempted to abandon their goal of integration but Motormouth convinces them to struggle on.

    The day of the live, primetime broadcast of the “The Corny Collins Show” has arrived. Despite her fugitive status, Tracy and Amber are neck and neck in the voting for Miss Teenage Hairspray. Just as Amber seizes the crown, Tracy storms the set accompanied by Link, Penny, Seaweed, Little Inez and company.

    The voting now shows Tracy as the undisputed winner and she is crowned Miss Teenage Hairspray 1962. Tracy officially declares the show as integrated.

    The company celebrates a brand new day for Baltimore.


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