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FitzGerald Garden

A miracle with nature

FRI 1 MAY 2020 16:00

Over 15 years Niall & Ingrid FitzGerald have created a miracle with nature.

The 27 acres of Kenwards Farm includes a Japanese Garden (with a tea house), a Bog Garden, a Cascade Garden, a Chablis terrace looking to the Cherry Orchard, peonies, alliums, agapanthus, wild orchids, Koi Carp, a walled rose garden (60 different rose species) and much more.

Arrive at 4pm for the full Niall FitzGerald tour . . . or at 5pm for a private wander.

Besides refreshments on the Donegal Slate table, there is an added bonus: you will meet the incoming President of the Royal Horticultural Society, Keith Weed.


This event has passed.