Sweet Charity

Prisoner testimonials


Hairspray has been spectacular it has been a journey of self discovery. Since taking part in Sweet Charity where I discover a love for myself which I never had before I always respected myself but not love, Hairspray has helped re-instate trust in mankind, it’s provided a sense of belonging and a profounded second chance in society. Confidence wise I’ve grown to be more humble, this production has strengthened the bonds between the cast, the crew and also the staff in Bronzefield.

At first the process is daunting but after a couple of weeks of learning the songs and dance choreographies you grow an attachment to the character you play and begin to understand the world through their eyes and see things from a different angle. The production has been healing and therapeutic in a way because it takes us away from this dismal place and provides what many of us has never had is a chance to attend a theatre let alone take part.

Thanks for choosing Bronzefield to stage this spectacular.

Lots of Love Kerry xxx


My name is Shereen, I’m 29 and I live in Islington London.
Taking part in this project Hairspray acting performance has given me great confidence. Hairspray has given so much to me I cant believe it was possible. I have been able to speak up for myself make friendship with the better choice of people. I suffer from depression and this project has helped me to overcome this but my main issue is drug abuse witch I’ve been trying to overcome for years and this project has shown me a different way of life and that it is possible to change your life around for the better

Many thanx Shereen xx

Chloe & Beth

To Wasfi,
Thank you for starting this project all those years ago. It’s clear what a huge difference it makes to all involved and we’re grateful to be a part of it!
Love Chlöe & Beth xx


Working with Pimlico Opera whilst in prison has a really positive affect on you. It helped me to grow as a person. Singing, dancing and acting all at the same time alongside the professionals who really push you to do things you thought you were never capable of doing builds up your confidence.
There was a lot of times where I doubted myself and thought I would not be able to sing to the standard they wanted but members of the company pushed and pushed me, they told me I was more than capable and believed in me. I thought I wouldn’t be that good because I’m not a professional. The way they helped me made me achieve what I needed too and more. I didn’t really believe in myself much and had low self esteem but Pimlico Opera has helped me through it and participating in the project has made me a confident and much more positive young lady.
Also it’s taught me the potential my voice has which is way more than I ever imagined. I have always had a love for singing but never thought I was good enough but now because of Pimlico Opera I feel as though the skies the limit and will continue to try and further a career in singing.


Taking part in the Hairspray production with Pimlico opera has been an incredible experience. I have gained so much confidence working alongside the professionals. Being in prison can be hard at times, you can think life is ruined but given the opportunity to try new things that can potentially open doors to a future once released is just amazing. I didn’t think I could sing, dance or act and to be told everyday that ‘you are brilliant’ or ‘the audience didn’t think you were one of the prisoner’ is so over-whelming.
I want to thank each and every person that believed I had the ability to perform in the production and I’m so grateful to all of you.


To Dear Pimlico
This has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done, its not something I would usually do but I’m so glad I did, when I get out of prison, I would love to meet up with you guys and get involved, its really changed my attitude made me more confident, I feel I can do more, and anything really, they are lovely people to work with its come like a little family now.
Doing the whole thing it doesn’t feel like your in prison at all, I’ll be really sad when it comes to an end be sad to see them go, this has been all I’ve focused on for 6 weeks I Love it and Love the people too, I don’t know how little Nicky put it all together, she is a amazing, I will really miss her and everyone in it too, its been an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you so much, just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now.
With Love Shelly


Ok, how do I even begin to try and explain how amazing this experience has been. Well when I was asked to come back and work on this show I was truly honoured, I loved being involved with Sweet Charity and could not wait to work on Hairspray. People always ask me what am I going to do when I leave, they would always think I would go into a salon, as I work in the hair and beauty salon here, and I really enjoy it, but working with Pimlico I found something that I love and I’m passionate about, this project challenged me and pushed me in ways that I have never had in anything I have done before. I got to meet lots of new people and made good friends with women that I would not usually spend time with, it helps to break down stereotypes and everyone has at least one thing in common and that is a place to start talking and getting to know everyone. This is one of the best things I have ever done and I am so thankful I got to be involved in this project.


My experience with Pimlico has changed my life forever. Never did I think I would gain such confidence in my life!
I was once a controlled woman who didn’t and couldn’t make decisions for myself always told what to do and when to do it, what I could and couldn’t wear, how to have my hair or what to spend the money on or not or suffer the consequences.

I’ve never felt so free which is a cliché considering being in prison. But I’ve learnt so much about my personality fears, likes, dislikes and most importantly skills. When I’m acting in rehearsals or on stage I release and let go of any fears, anxiety because I’m supported whole heartedly by everyone in Pimlico. It becomes more than just a great time, it becomes your life. I never want it to end!!!
I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole team/family. Thank you for giving me the love, help, support I’ve always needed to become ‘ME’ after all these years. Forever will I be indebted to you.


I am very thankful for the experience. It has given me a lot more confidence. I’ve made lots more friends, its changed my life for the better.  I’ve found that I’m trusting men now working with such lovely people. I never want it to stop its taken me into a whole new world.
Love from