Prisoner testimonials


Hello my name is Jessica I had the pleasure of playing the role of Sutcliff. Thanks to all the wonderful work that organisations like Pimlico do I have experienced being part of a musical opera, I’ve loved every minute. I have never had an opportunity to do anything like this before, if I were not in prison I don’t think I would have even known that Pimlico existed. For the time I have been involved with the Betty Blue Eyes production I have felt an outer body experience as though I were not in prison. Allowing us to express ourselves through song and dance has built our confidence and tested us in many ways, primarily our comfort zones. I entered the production not knowing what to expect. I’m so glad I did I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, made new friends and conquered some fears. I’m extremely thankful to have been part of this journey and eternally grateful. 


Pimlico has helped me to develop my confidence in myself. Pimlico has helped me to develop self worth. Pimlico has helped me to speak up more. Pimlico has helped me to make friends. Pimlico is important in bringing people together and bringing us out of our mundane day to day lives. While we take part in Pimlico, we are all treated and treat each other like humans, not residents, not convicts, not us and them, not your not my friend so stay away, just like fellow humans and that is so important in stopping us from being institutionalised especially those of us who are here for longer sentences. It gives us something to look forward to, to be proud of to tell everyone about. It improves family ties to let our families come and see our achievements and it shows the general public that we are more than just a crime or just a number on a statistic, we are people who are talented, brave and worth second chances, worth a deeper look at who we are. This is what Pimlico has done for us.


Since doing Pimlico I have gained so much confidence. It has been life changing. I would of never dreamed of doing anything like this. I’ve always enjoyed dancing but never had the confidence to do it, in front of an audience. I’ve loved every minute of it and completely forgot where I was. I felt like part of something. If I could tell everyone to do it I would as its life changing. Thank you so much for making this happen, I will hold this memory very close to my heart.


I have enjoyed doing Pimlico as it has helped me so much to come out of my shell and join in I have got to know so many beautiful and lovely people and am so grateful for everything. I am now so confident in my self and hope to carry on growing thank you everyone at Pimlico for everything its been amazing. Shannon x


Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with. I honestly don’t think anyone has ever heard me sing or seen me dance in my entire life. Pimlico changed all that. Although I only work backstage doing hair and make-up, the past 6 weeks have allowed me to immerse myself into all the ‘out-there’ activities. I can’t stop singing now (albeit terribly) and I owe a lot of my happiness to this project. I am so grateful for Pimlico (and Wasfi) for allowing us to partake in this truly joyful experience! Thank you x


My experience of doing “Betty Blue Eyes” in Bronzefield Prison. I have had a Brilliant time doing Betty Blue Eyes production. The 3 main esperiences I have gained from being envolved in Pimlico opera is –  

  • My confidence has grown to a better level  
  • My self-relization has opened up my life to better choices and a better way off life  
  • I have gained a bigger eyesight into what I can achieve in my life out of prison and I’ve gained experience in being in on stage. Singing and acting witch is grate charator awareness 


It definitely was an interesting journey I will never forget apart the prison days that I really want to forget. I do appreciate that Pimlico does projects like this. It really helps lots of people in here, to cope with new restiricted life, like for me, it is very hard. I love that all Pimlico people: cast, managers, costumes, teachers, actors, backstage, everyone was very kind and polite and treated us like real actors.  

I think that Pimlico theatre should continue what they do and make other people smile too. Thank you for this experience. I loved when boring gym became fantastic theatre, it was WOW! I’ve seen that guests really enjoyed the play. And the people who were doing the show were happy too, and this is the most important, I guess.  


It is so incredibly sad to know we are at the end of our journey with Pimlico #2022. I have soo many incredible memories; Wasfi telling us to “Look to God”, how Kaspa made a ballet warm up to calypso music, watching Helen wiz around like a fix it – mend it super hero. Ultimately it has been the greatest pleasure to watch the pro’s create their interpritations of a character. To work with Ashley and Sasha but most of all to see greater parts of my peers and even more of myself. This experience has brought us together and has brought us better, elevated even, versions of ourselves. Thank you Pimlico and thank you all. This experience has encouraged me and my peers to work on creating a creative arts club so that we can give to our peers even a fraction of what we gained here. 


I have really enjoyed this experience as I have never participated in anything like this before, I will forever value this opportunity to be a part of something I would never of been a part of outside of prison. Everyone is so nice and its been great meeting new people. This is an amazing project within prisons which I am sure will have a long lasting positive impact on those who participated. Thank you for everything.