Pimlico Opera


Our sister company, Pimlico opera, was founded in 1987 and aims to enhance learning and personal development through music and drama. It is probably the first opera company to specialise in performing in unusual settings – hospitals, prisons, banks, country houses.

Pimlico Opera in Prisons

Our prison project started in 1991 and has taken more than 50,000 members of the public into prison. We have worked with more than 1,000 prisoners on our projects and have employed ex-prisoners in our company. We have shown over 10,000 prisoners an opera performance.

A cast, mainly of inmates, are taken from their normal regime and work full-time for five weeks with professionals to produce a show of the highest quality with a full orchestra.

There are several public performances and further performances for fellow prisoners and prison staff.

There is powerful evidence for the benefit that this work has to society, the public purse and the wider economy. Improvements in prisoner rehabilitation and the lowering of re-offending can only be a good thing.







Pimlico Opera in Schools

Primary Robins was founded in September 2013. The project enriches the the lives and expands the outlook of school children who have little exposure to music.

Forty years ago, every primary school would have had children sitting around a piano learning songs. This essential part of growing up has been a casualty of today’s curriculum.

Each term the Robins sit around the piano together and learn traditional songs, one of which is in a foreign language. Our Primary Robins are disadvantaged children at schools within disadvantaged communities.

You can read our blogs about our work with Primary Robins here.





Musical Chairs

Free seats for young people

Young people aged 14-25 are eligible to apply for free tickets on selected dates for our 2019 season. These free seats are funded by the Red Butterfly foundation and by donations from individuals.

I really enjoyed my first experience of an opera. I didn’t really know what to expect but thought that the setting, the theatre and the picnic in the grounds all made for a really great evening. I am very grateful to the Musical Chairs Scheme for enabling me and my family to go free of charge, as I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to go or even thought about going. 

Eleanor McPhilips (aged 14)

Teachers are welcome to apply on behalf of pupils.


Musical Chairs