Mistletoe in the woods

December 14, 2017

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 20 Down at West Horsley Place in the damp, dark depths of December where morning ice on the puddles and ponds is a sure sign of frustration for the assembled brickies who have travelled down from Oxford in the early hours. No brick or block can be laid in […]

Building the Lavatorium Rotundum

October 27, 2017

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 19 Last week the ten ten metre deep piles were cast.  They ensure the stability of the Lavatorium Rotundum.  Yes, even this lightly loaded, single storey building needs supporting piles to counter the shrinkage of the underlying Lambeth clay beds.  The plumbing might be hard pressed to cope with […]

The Lavatorium Rotundum

September 22, 2017

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 18 We have yet to be notified officially, but I hear we have been successful in our bid to gain planning consent for the Lavatorium Rotundum – another first for the Green Belt. Everything else has been pushed aside to secure the convenience and comfort of our opera guests. […]