Sewage treatment tanks… and more

April 27, 2018

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 25. We are into the last furlong……again. We thought May 2017 was stressful enough and phase 2 of the opera house building work would be a stroll in the park. Not to be. The dreadful winter weather and taking on another brand new building which needed planning consent, designing […]

2 minutes of building

March 26, 2018

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 23 The snow spurred us on to make a Timelapse video of the 17 weeks since November. You’ll see the evolution of the ornate brick exterior and, on the right, is the Lavatorium Rotundum which now has a roof. Talking of which ….. our Moss Roof dream has taken […]

The Fanfare Balcony

Tales from the Theatrical Woods, Chapter 24 Despite snow, ice and downpours the brickwork outer wall of the auditorium has reached the height of the tricky bits. It was with great relief that the bricks forming the projecting diamond pattern met at intersections precisely as intended as the bricklaying advanced up the auditorium façade. We […]