The Feast cast: the morning after the afternoon before

From David Pountney (Librettist / Director)

Having been publicly bossed around by Wasfi you might be inclined to think these words not entirely sincere, but that would be incorrect. Although I am obviously doing as I am told, I mean it:

Thank you Wasfi for having the courage to do it.

Thank you Alex for composing so fast and so sensitively And thank you to all of you for your superb professionalism and artistry, and your generosity too.

A very heart-warming achievement on all sides.


From William Dazeley (Karl)

I think being bossed around by Wasfi should be essential training for anyone in our peculiar business. Thank you David, thank you Wasfi, thank you Alex and thank you all for an unforgettable and unique experience. Great fun in a masochistic sort of way.

See you all soon, I hope . . .  Will xx


From Peter Hoare (Frederic)

On the subject of bossing around, thank you all for accepting me as a Covid-19 BORE. It was a profound experience for me to be singing again after all this time. When we first sang the “Benedic” there was a tear in my eye (and Simon’s . . . truth be known) P x


From Claire Booth (Elena)

And a huge thank you from me too. So special to be involved in such a sadly rare occurrence these days. Bravo Alex and David for creating such wonderful new content. Thanks Wasfi, Claire x


From Janis Kelly (McGuire)

An extraordinary thing just happened – did I dream it? So lovely to see you and work with you again. David – libretto was terrific. Huge congrats to the boy wonder Alex and to the comrades I say – what  a crazy band of beautiful humans. Love you all  – you too Wasfi.


From Jeff Lloyd Roberts (Puis)

Thank you David and of course Alex is a genius. I had a very late invite to the Feast but was so grateful to be at it And share it with you all. The best of best were in this team. When’s the International Tour of this wonderful piece, Sir David?  Love to all,  Jeff x


From Susan Bullock (Claire)

Thank YOU David for your fabulous libretto. What an experience . . . it felt slightly surreal but at the same time exhilarating. Love to all, Sue x


From Soraya Mafi (Lidochka)

What a weekend – I’m in recovery today. Truly spectacular – congratulations to you David and Alex, and what a joy to hear and watch everyone. To the world tour. Thank you Wasfi for paving the way and giving us hope.


From Anne-Marie Owens (Joyce)

Thank you Wasfi, Alex and David. It was an amazing experience. To all my fellow singers, you were wonderful. Love and best wishes, Anne-Marie x


From Harry Thatcher (Pat)

Thank you from Pat. A whirlwind weekend and such a supportive group of colleagues. Thank you Wasfi, David and Alex for making it possible and I look forward to working with you all again hopefully in the not so distant future.