Much praise from the press

May – July 2020

“Grange Park Opera … the envy of the rest of the classical world”

The Daily Telegraph


“Grange Park Opera’s Wasfi Kani is the trailblazing leader the arts desperately need”

The Daily Telegraph

“Now, without the resources of the BBC or the funds of subsidised venues such as the Royal Opera House or the Southbank Centre, Grange Park Opera has gone where no other organisation has and put on an orchestral concert.”

The Times

“Where do we look for that hit of energy, the itchy excitement of live performance? Making a necessity of the camera, turning it from a filter into a lingering, intrusive voyeur, Claire Booth and Christopher Glynn’s La Voix Humaine for Grange Park Opera is as good as it gets …distance, far from letting us off the hook, implicates us more strongly than ever. It didn’t occur to me to cry; I was far too moved.”

The Spectator

“After months in which millions have had to depend on these cracked digital vessels for any contact with loved ones, La Voix Humaine feels more rawly relevant than ever. In their solitary splendour, Claire Booth and Christopher Glynn made this production a touching, and an eerie, prologue to a season that both marks our time of agonising separations, and seeks to supply an antidote to it. On this showing, Found will help to lead us out of the woods.”

The Arts Desk