A feast in the press

Having LOST a season and FOUND a season, we announce Britain’s first opera commission since lockdown: A Feast in the Time of Plague.

Revving up for opera’s return to the theatre

The Times

“A crack ensemble led by Simon Keenlyside and Susan Bullock are limbering up for the first opera to be performed in a theatre since lockdown began; moreover, there will even be a live audience to hear them. A Feast in the Time of Plague is also the largest scale new opera to be made during the Covid-19 crisis”.

Simon Keenlyside
Simon Keenlyside

First new opera commission since lockdown

Evening Express

“We’ve decided to take a leap to perform this live in front of an audience…”

“It means that the 250 audience members will each have a volume of air of 31 cubic metres – considerably more than a half-full plane to Greece upon which 100 passengers have a mere 2.34 cubic metres”.

“In my view it’s time we all got moving again, and I don’t mean flying to Greece”.

Most intrepid and imaginative of all . . .

The Telegraph

“Most intrepid and imaginative of all was Wasfi Kani’s Grange Park Opera, which produced a succession of online events culminating in the world premiere before an invited audience of Alex Woolf and David Pountney’s A Feast in the Time of Plague. A 90-minute opera of considerable ambition, originality and merit, it was stylishly performed by a richly talented cast and it deserves a future”.