Audience reactions: Hairspray

Audiences at HMP Bronzefield were blown away by Hairspray.

Read some of their reactions below

“My two guests and I thought the performance was absolutely superb and inspiring, there was so much passion, hope and emotion in this show. Everything was so exciting, impressive and uplifting….the stage, orchestra, costumes. performances and the perfect organisation.”

“As a staff member of HMP Bronzefield, having watched previous shows supported by Pimlico, I would like to congratulate you all on another remarkable production. I sat in the audience beaming with pride for each and every resident who took part. Working closely with lots of them, I am aware of their journeys, I have listened to their fears of doing something completely out of their comfort zone, but more importantly heard how the production team gave them  a purpose to succeed and lifted their self esteem.”

“If I lived nearer I’d be back every single day to watch Hairspray! What an inspiring, feelgood, colourful production. We loved every minute. Fantastic singing, costumes, set, music, acting. So funny and the cracking pace meant I couldn’t believe it was the end when it came round. I was uplifted by the final chorus but sad to realise that was it! The talent of the residents was awesome, all of them. Motormouth Maybelle. What can I say? Never have I experienced goosebumps all over my body when watching someone sing. I wanted to jump up and start a revolution (although that might have got me arrested!). I hope every single resident taking part relives their performing moments over and over again and takes heart from them. Thank you Grange Park Opera and Pimlico Opera for an evening I won’t forget in a hurry.”

“Last nights show was another stunning success. Several of my party found it quite an emotional occasion and the newcomers were hugely impressed.  To do year after year what you do with Pimlico Opera and to raise the money to pay for it seems to me like a full time job.”

” I’ve worked with arts in the criminal justice sector nearly 30 years. I just wanted to drop a note to say the impact Pimlico Opera have in Prisons is amazing. All my guests thought Hairspray was totally brilliant in every way.  A very inspiring way to spend Saturday evening.”