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2020 season

Unfortunately, the 2020 season cannot go ahead


The safety of our guests, colleagues and community is our top priority.

We are facing an unforeseen situation at national and local levels and we are following the advice of the Government and Public Health England.

We hope there could be some performances but in this rapidly changing situation it is difficult to make a concrete plan.

In these challenging times, our family of donors and ticket buyers have shown great faith in us. We are all upset about this postponement, but it is the right thing to do.

We have asked that our valued customers and supporters of Grange Park Opera consider donating the price of their tickets to our Operating Fund rather than requesting a credit note or refund.  This is in line with other arts charities. We are all facing a very challenging time. These donations will be used to cover our central costs for the year.

Thank you for your support and faith  . . . and for these indoor times, we have created Spotify playlists to broaden your non-operatic repertoire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are you covered by insurance?

A Our insurance does not cover cancellation due to epidemic.

Q Will the government bail you out?

A It is next to impossible that the government will give a grant to cover the losses. We receive no government subsidy.

Q What costs are involved in the cancellation?

A £1.5m of central costs. This is what we need to find in order to breakeven.

Q Will you be able to stage any of the season?
Q Is the season cancelled or will performances be going ahead depending on circumstances?

A We hope there could be some performances, but this is dependent on Government advice and a rapidly changing situation, so it is difficult to make a concrete plan.

Q Will these performances take place in the future? 

A We hope there could be some performances later this year. We are also re-jigging some of the operas in 2021, 2022, 2023 in order to utilise this year’s operas. This is extremely complicated and we will tell you as soon as we know.

Q If I donate the cost of tickets, can you claim gift aid? 
Q If I donate, will the whole ticket price go under gift aid?

A Yes and you can claim it against your top level of tax. We are very grateful to people who are doing this as it will help cover our £1.5m core costs.

Q If I donate the whole ticket sum do I receive anything back as good will?

A We will be printing a GPO 2020 Season Programme book and you will be sent a copy. Once it is clearer what is allowed, we might have a small celebration together.

Q What are you planning to do about dining paid? 

A You can either give it as a donation (see above), or hold it on account, or ask for a refund.

Q Can I request a refund and replace it with a donation from my Foundation?

A You can do this. We are very grateful to people who are helping us through these challenging times.

We do not receive a government subsidy so we are totally dependent on individuals.

Q Are the Artists still getting paid?

A Some artists have been paid in part. We are trying keeping in step with other opera companies but we each operate from a different start point. It is early days and we are working through this. First we have to cover our central costs.

Q Can my balance be kept on account to be used towards tickets & dining next year? 

A Yes

Q Can I donate part of my tickets?
A Yes. But it is taking us a while to work this out.

Q How do I get a refund?

A  We will contact everybody as soon as possible, but currently we are overwhelmed with this unforeseen situation. We will return it all to a card. We don’t keep credit card details so you will have to give us you details again. Do not send them by email.

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