2020 season

Unfortunately, the 2020 season cannot go ahead


We are facing an unforeseen situation at national and local levels and we are following the advice of the Government and Public Health England. The safety of our guests, colleagues and community is our top priority.

In these challenging times, every arts organisation is fighting for its life.

Our goal is to keep the community of Grange Park Opera intact. Having lost all ticket income, we are asking ticket buyers to consider donating the price of their tickets rather than requesting a credit note or refund. Your donation is hugely appreciated and will hail a bright new day.

We are close to covering our central costs for the year and we have a discretionary fund for those artists and technicians most in need. The fund is in excess of £150k.

Just as you brought about the miracle of building the Theatre in the Woods, we hope you will again pull with us . . . and for these indoor times, we have created Spotify playlists to broaden your non-operatic repertoire.

Thank you for being part of the Grange Park Opera family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are you covered by insurance?

A Our insurance does not cover cancellation due to epidemic.

Q Will the government bail you out?

A No . . . and we do not have an Arts Council subsidy 

Q Will you be able to stage any of the season?

A It is highly unlikely that there will be performances in June and July. 

Q Will these performances take place in the future? 

A We hope some of them will.  We are trying to re-jig some of the operas in 2021, 2022, 2023 in order to utilise this year’s operas. 

Q Will the whole of my donation be eligible for gift aid?

A Yes. We will send you a charity receipt and you can claim it against your highest level of tax. 

Q What about dining monies? 

A You can either give it as a donation (see above), or hold it on account, or ask for a refund.

Q Can I request a refund and replace it with a donation from my Foundation?

A You can do this. We are very grateful to people who are helping us through these challenging times.

Q Can my balance be kept on account to be used next year? 

A Yes

Q Can I donate part of my tickets?

A Yes. 

Q How do I get a refund?

A  We don’t keep credit card details so you will have to give us you details again. Do not send them by email. We will contact everybody as soon as possible, but currently we are overwhelmed with this unforeseen situation. 

Q What costs are involved in the cancellation?

A There are around £1.5m of central costs. This is what we need to find in order to breakeven.

Q Are the Artists still getting paid?

A Some artists and technicians have been paid in part. We are close to covering our central costs and have set up a discretionary fund for those artists and technicians most in need. The fund is in excess of £100k.

Q If I donate, do I receive anything back as goodwill?

A Those who donate are named The PandemicistsThey will be celebrated in print and in person. Who knows when?

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