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Pre-decimal coin hoarders

Pre-decimal Coin Hoarders

November 28, 2018

The floors of Stalls, Stalls Circle, Grand Tier and Balcony are concrete. Before the next season we plan to beautify them with a coating of shimmery resin, embedded with nostalgic coins. And so we went looking for hoarders.

Nobody expected there were so many pre-decimal coins in hiding.

Will Hillary’s 10,000+ coins included a Bells whisky jeraboam of sixpences.

21 other donors (listed) had 10,000+ squirrelled away: threepenny bits, a few farthings, some Guernsey doubles and copper.


With enormous thanks to:

Harold Sterne
Bruce & Pamela Noble
Patsy Nutting (1905-2006)
Patrick d’Arcy Benson
Brian Carte
Janey Langford
Angela Sawano
Will Hillary
Jeremy Simons
Lesley Tregaskes
Nicole Hutchings
Jilly Allenby-Ryan
Jane Harrap
Carole Neeser
Andrew Sutton
Lucy Adshead
Patricia Johns
Marina Dominicus
Felicity Woods
Alan Thompson
Bob Sheldon
Lesley Falknor
Sue Main