Tales from the Theatrical Woods: Chapter 19

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22 October 2017

Last week the ten ten metre deep piles were cast.  They ensure the stability of the Lavatorium Rotundum.  Yes, even this lightly loaded, single storey building needs supporting piles to counter the shrinkage of the underlying Lambeth clay beds.  The plumbing might be hard pressed to cope with a building that develops a distinct list to starboard.  Ironically the building is being constructed adjacent to the existing Victorian septic tanks serving the rest of the Estate, but now derelict, leaking and unusable. I did suggest they be converted to a picnic spot grotto, but they were having none of it.  Today the ground beams connecting the piles are being cast; next week the beam and block floor and the services will be introduced.

We have secured approval for the changes to the opera house external walls.  A beautiful pinky, umbery, smoky coloured brick has been selected and approved.  Stewart set out the complex brickwork coursing, encompassing the whole building with a ribbon of un-mortared bricks and now the brickies are underway.

Work also progresses internally.  The convex curve of the back wall of the auditorium is being lined with plaster with the prospect of an even better acoustic next season.  Next up is the completion of the two staircases.

David Lloyd Jones