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Tales from the Theatrical Woods: Chapter 17

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25 May 2017

“…..Can we raise the seating a little here?”  “can you stiffen the fixing of the hand rail post?”  “where can the 4500 litre firefighting water tank be located?”  “where can we find a 4500 litre firefighting water tank?”  “I can hear drilling, we are trying to rehearse!”  “what door furniture goes where?”  “the singers are complaining of too much dust!”

We are now well into the last fourteen days and every item that is completed and resolved seems to throw up others that need attention.  However most people who have visited are amazed at the achievement and, above all, that we have a building ready for performance….nearly.

Martin Smith, the builder, remains the still calm centre.  He even has time to oversee the dendrochronology of the ancient roof timbers in the manor house.  Not only will there be a spanking new opera house, there will be a credible chronology of the evolution of its beautiful host building

“….now, where are those light fittings going again?”

David Lloyd Jones