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Tales from the Theatrical Woods: Chapter 3

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6 May 2016

The woods are waking up.

At dusk on Wednesday the second bat survey took place. (The first happened before hibernation).

At dusk on Thursday there was a crowd in West Horsley Village Hall (standing room only) who came to see the model of the theatre. We fleshed out the project and the mood was upbeat.

At dawn on 18th May there will be another bat survey – followed by an update to the badger survey. And then at dusk on May 18th our application is heard by the Planning Committee. There have been more than 190 letters of support.

Here is a picture of the woods in 1920. There are no trees! Nature has been busy.

Onwards and upwards,

Wasfi Kani

PS: Bill Sikes’s dog has been found.