Primary Robins: Autumn Term report 

Primary Robins: Autumn Term report

As we approach the final week of term the children are busy preparing for the concerts next week.

At Mengham it was so exciting to hear all four classes singing together for the first time in the school hall – they made a really terrific sound. The final song in the concert is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and, after a brilliant and very enthusiastic performance, I gave all the children a little Lindt Chocolate Reindeer. They loved them, though one little boy wished that his had a red nose. I think Lindt have missed a trick here!

A teacher told me how one parent had come in to say that she felt that Primary Robins had really helped with her daughter’s writing. Another has posted her daughter singing Silent Night on facebook as she feels that her voice has blossomed so much.

At Tanners Brook I heard some of the most beautiful singing this term. There are lots of budding soloists now and it is wonderful to see how the children’s confidence has grown. It was particularly moving when two of the girls who have never before joined in asked to sing a duet!

During The Wizard of Oz, two children made a line of yellow pencils around the classroom – it was their own yellow brick road. After handing out the chocolate reindeer one boy, in true Oliver style, asked, “Please Miss, can I have some more?”

Finally, whilst singing In the Bleak Midwinter we discussed Christina Rossetti’s poem and talked about what the words mean. A little girl told us that “Frosty wind made moan” was personification, whilst a young boy said that “Earth stood hard as iron” and “water like a stone” were both similies. I was impressed – it was a singing lesson and an English lesson in one.

Annabel Larard – Project Leader