Since its inception in 1998, Grange Park Opera has presented more than 500 performances of 59 productions and become a treasured feature of the international operatic landscape. With the lease in Hampshire terminated it is time to build a permanent home for the next century. Grange Park Opera moved to West Horsley Place, Surrey in 2017 – our Appeal made that possible.

We are grateful to our Pioneers and members of the Circle of Virtuous Enterprise. To support the newest opera house in the UK, you can support the Appeal by choosing from the options below.

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Our passion for the beautiful does not make us extravagant, nor does our love of culture make us weak. As for our wealth, we do not brag of it. Instead, we use it well, appropriately, for the good of all…


Join The Appeal

To become a Pioneer or take your place in the Circle of Virtuous Enterprise, contact Jack Rush on 01962 73 73 69, or send us an e-mail.

Spend a Penny

The centre-piece of the Phase two appeal is the creation of the marvellous Lavatorium Rotundum: a circular masterpiece of a lavatory, built around a black poplar tree in the venerable orchards of West Horsley Place.

150 Pioneers

Joanna Lumley is patron of the 150 trailblazing Pioneers, whose donations of £20k - £100k will make a difference to the performing arts landscape in a vision that celebrates culture, learning, heritage and artistic excellence.

The Circle of Virtuous Enterprise

The Circle of Virtuous Enterprise, whose patron is Bryn Terfel, are 500 people who are each contributing towards the Appeal to build the Theatre in the Woods. The current donation level is £3,000.