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9 Nov - 17 Nov 2018

Sweet Charity


Sweet Charity is the story of Charity Hope Valentine, a hopelessly romantic but comically unfortunate dance hall hostess in New York City. After eight years in the business and determined to find love, Charity realises that she cannot meet respectable men in her job. However, her luck may change when she meets insurance actuary Oscar Lindquist, will she finally find true love at last?

Sweet Charity in Bronzefield Prison – with a cast of women prisoners

The cast of mainly inmates, taken from their normal regime, work full-time for five weeks with professionals to produce a show of the highest quality with a full orchestra.

The project is an opportunity for these women to cultivate a sense of meaning and understanding of their past behaviours and for their families to see them in a positive context; their families will play a key role in their rehabilitation.

Voices from the inside

Emma (a heroin addict for 30 years, now on methadone) says "I have mental health problems and the project has given me confidence and changed me" - though she nearly pulled out last weekend. Victoria has just been sentenced and wants to use her time in prison to come off methadone. She is brilliant but finds the afternoons difficult. Heather says "it is the first normal environment I've been in for 15 years. The women relate to each other as normal people and not as prisoners". Shelley says the rehearsals are like being in a bubble. Mandy is 53 and came into prison for the first time two months ago. "I was terrified and this project has made it bearable". Kelly, 29, has one of the biggest roles "Being in a play is something on my bucket list. Who would have thought that it would come to me in prison?". Diane proclaims "This is my passion". She is probably the best dancer . . . never a step out of place and always ready to help the others. The women are rehearsing in the chapel; soon rehearsals move to the gym which is being turned into a theatre: raked seating, lights, and a big set.

Since 1991 Pimlico Opera have taken more than 50,000 members of the public into prison, and have worked with more than 1,000 prisoners. Over 10,000 prisoners have seen a show.

Women make up 5% of the UK prison population.

“Changing even one life has made it all worthwhile – and changing one life can change the world” No 2 Governor, HMP High Down

Creative Team & Cast

Musical Director: Alex Parker

Director & Choreographer:
Nikki Woollaston

Assistant Director & Choreographer:
Stuart Morris

Lighting Designer:
Warren Letton

Set & Costume Designers:
Gusieppe & Emma Belli

Sound Designer:
Mike Thacker

Martin Higgins

Charity Hope Valentine:
Laura Pit-Pulford

Charlie/First Cop/Marvin
Manfred/Frug Dancer/Barney:
Jordan Lee Davies

Vittorrio Vidal/First Young Man:
Cameron Sharp

Herman/Married Man/Doorman:
Cameron Blakely

Oscar/Baseball Player/
Frug Dancer:
Joshua Lay

Daddy Brubeck/Dirty Old Man:
Cellen Chugg Jones

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