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Saturday 14 July

Maria Callas: The Black Pearl


On 16 September 1977 Maria Callas died in her Paris apartment aged 54. A heart attack was widely believed to be the cause of her death.
In Federica Nardacci’s monologue Ferruccio Mezzadri, Callas’s trusted butler, who lived and worked by her side for more than 20 years until her death, as if in a delirious dream, brings forth some of the most significant moments in the artist's life.

The story originates from an interview that Federica had with Ferruccio and which provided her the inspiration for this monologue.
The Butler's personal and emotional accounts and judgments are purely the result of the writer’s imagination and feeling.

Creative Team and Cast

Writer: Federica Nardacci
Actor: Marco Gambino
Director: Sophie Aldred
Acting Coach: Manuela Ruggiero
Pianist: Simone Spagnolo
Music Director, composer: Claudio Di Meo

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