It is gifts from generous benefactors that allow Grange Park Opera to really make a mark, to strike out boldly and with panache.

We receive no government money and rely on enthusiasts and ticket sales to stage exceptional opera with international singers.

We believe that opera should be easy to enjoy and accessible for everyone. We go out of our way to encourage and educate those who might not have been to the opera before.

And we don’t stop with the summer season. Between October and April, we hold ‘Happenings’ which meld enjoyment with ideas.

If you would like to support by giving a gift of shares then please contact Jack Rush

Annual Members

It is the love of music that inspires contributions from personal donors which make up a quarter of the cost of putting on an opera. These donors are very important to us and are the first to be told about all the Grange Park Opera news. Now is the time to join up.

Corporate Sponsors

It’s like a country house party. You bump into your friends, you sit in a jewel-like theatre and you are so close to the action that you catch singers’ every nuance, every gesture, every thought. Bring clients to enjoy an evening at Grange Park Opera.

Supporting Artists

Contributing to our Scholarship Fund has an immediate impact on the career of the emerging artists that bring vitality to our summer season. And if you'd like to contribute to a particular production, we have a number of different options for you.

Trusts and Foundations

Contributions from Trusts and Foundations have played an important part in the creation and growth of Grange Park Opera.

The Immortals and the Beloveds

A legacy is a wonderful way to hand on to future generations the pleasure Grange Park Opera has given you.