The New Opera Circle

The New Opera Circle

“Being a patron is a pleasure. It is not just lending support, it is doing something creative – making something new happen, and putting something back at the same time.”

Staging new operas is the lifeblood of any company. With our reputation and world-class expertise, we want to offer our audiences the transformative experiences which new works bring.

We believe that opera should be easy to enjoy and accessible for all. New productions in particular appeal to younger audiences, who we are keen to attract.

Our ambitions, however, are constrained by what it costs to stage a new opera.

With this in mind, we are launching the Grange Park Opera New Opera Circle to secure the funding for a new opera production each season, launching in 2020.

As a leading philanthropist and patron of the arts, we want to offer you the opportunity to become a member of the new circle.


There are three levels of support:

Forte ……………………. £5,000

Fortissimo …………….. £10,000

Fortississimo ………….. £25,000

Benefits to members includes:

  • Access to dress rehersals
  • An invitation to the world première of the new work
  • An invitation to the opening party
  • An opportunity to meet the creative team involved

The new fund will enable us to unlock our full potential and help to secure our future. We very much hope you will consider joining our exclusive circle and supporting Grange Park Opera in this way.