Support the Theatre

Support the theatre

We are grateful to our Pioneers and members of the Circle of Virtuous Enterprise who have raised £10.5m+ to build the new opera house.


We are not yet finished.

Pillars of Society

Around the theatre we are building a 3-metre deep colonnade comprising fourteen 3m larch pillars of tree trunks chosen from a Sussex estate in 2016.
It is £30k to take a pillar in the name of your family or in memory of important to you.
The colonnade provides a “passeggiata” (the Italian leisurely stroll) for the audience to foregather and linger.

To become a Pillar of Society, contact Jack Rush or call 01962 73 73 69


Pillars of Society


From £20,000.

Pioneer Members are given:

– top priority ticket booking (Sopwiths for 10 seasons; Turings & Sputniks for life)
– invited to post-performance parties on the stage
– priority to dine in the house and the Red Drawing Room
– acknowledged in the theatre, the Festival Programme and online for 30 years

To become a Pioneer contact Jack Rush or call 01962 73 73 69