Don Carlo

Don Carlo 2016


Giuseppe Verdi

Premiere: 11 March 1867

7 performances in June and July 2016

This performance was revived in 2019.


Clive Bayley: Filippo II, King of Spain
Celine Byrne: Elisabetta
Stefano Secco: Don Carlos
David Stout: Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa
Alastair Miles: The Grand Inquisitor
Patricia Bardon: Princess Eboli
Jihoon Kim: Monk, ghost of Charles V
Alberto Sousa: The Count of Lerma


Conductor: Gianluca Marciano
Director: Jo Davies
Set Designer: Leslie Travers
Costume Designer: Gabrielle Dalton
Lighting Design: Anna Watson

With the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

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