Bewitching photography at West Horsley Place

October 28, 2016

Capturing a picturesque shot of an ancient ramshackle house can be tricky, however photographer Richard Lewisohn latest project reveals just how atmospheric and full of character West Horsley Place is.

Richard Lewisohn has been capturing the unique beauty of a 15th century Tudor house with stunning images of rooms such as the The Great Hall where Henrey VIII had a 35-course luncheon, a red silk-lined drawing room, the library as well as the luscious formal gardens and majestic crinkle crankle wall. His beautiful photographs showcases the Surrey demi-Eden and the rapid progress of the new opera house: Theatre in the Woods.

See more of Richard’s interior and architecture work:


Richard Lewisohn-WHP-6-2

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When you first arrived at West Horsley Place, what was your first reaction?

It was extraordinary to see an un-restored Tudor stately home so close to Surrey commuter towns. Christina and Bamber Gasgoigne have obviously done a huge amount of tidying, but the decoration looks untouched for decades, if not centuries.


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Grange Park Opera - West Horsley Place


As a photographer, what were the most intriguing aspects to document at a 15th century house?

Normally when visiting a stately home, you follow a set path with everything prepared for visitors so it’s been a privilege to be able to freely explore the different areas of West Horsley Place. The first floor sitting room is magnificent, but the small Tudor hallway beyond is even more atmospheric. It is fascinating to see the different additions and layers of building work and design, from Tudor to early 20th century bathroom furniture and light switches.


Richard Lewisohn-WHP-11

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Richard Lewisohn-WHP-2


“Photographer Richard Lewisohn has not only burrowed into secret corners of the sprawling house but has been documenting the building project with some wonderfully atmospheric shots. He strives for perfection and if the light is right… he will wake with the dawn to capture the place looking perfect in the morning sun.” – Wasfi Kani


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Richard Lewisohn-WHP-18

Do you have a favourite photograph you’ve taken?

It’s not easy to choose a favourite image. The attic, used as servants’ quarters, looks like and up upside down Tudor ship with its massive beams. I also like the tired armchair in front of the pristine white fireplace in the master bedroom, and the close-up of the light switch with its surrounding silk wall covering worn away to reveal the wooden boards below.


Richard Lewisohn-WHP-19

Richard Lewisohn-WHP-20

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Grange Park Opera - Gardens

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Richard Lewisohn-WHP-2-2

What are your thoughts on a new opera house, Theatre in the Woods, being built at West Horsley Place?

Living only 20 minute drive away, I’m looking forward to having world class opera on my doorstep. The building is happening at an astonishing rate. The foundations are in, basement dug and metal framework constructed. Documenting the house and the build will be a highlight of the coming year.


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See more of Richard’s interior and architecture work: